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Depois de a emissão da passada semana ficar para sempre suspensa algures na nossa memória, ficou também retida pelas vicissitudes da maquinaria informática no insondável computador central da RUC, pelo que a sua audição em podcast não é possível de apresentar, assim como o alinhamento do programa.

Já neste programa, escutou-se:
Pauline Oliveros - The Fools Circle
Ben Frost - The Carpathians
Monoton - Blau
Rafael Toral - Space Elements vol. 1
George Garanian with the Melodyia Jazz Ensemple - The Big Search
Harappian Night Recordings - Memoria Makhnovischina
Lukas Ligeti - Balafon Dance System
Loosers - The Head

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10.02.2010 - Académica 2 x Fantasma 0

Fotografia: Formidável
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03.02.2010 - Polaroids sonoras

Hans Appelqvist - Jag en gök
Eric Malmberg - Milda döden hämtar oss alla till slut
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Ulrich Schnauss - On My Own
Eavesdropper & Waterman - Ailic
Peaking Lights - Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers
This Immortal Coil - Red Queen
Can - Flow Motion
Concern - Young Birth
Lee Ranaldo - Leap of Faith

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27.01.2010 - Up & Down/Left & Right

Cândido Lima - Oceanos
Zenial/Banabila - Factories from the Sky
Sick Llama - Triptich (excerpt)
KK Null - Kosmo Incognita
Tuk - German Holidays
Nobukazu Takemura - Assembler Mix
Carlos Giffoni - Spiral Rest
Robert Anton Wilson - Calvi, The Pope and The Brotherhood
Blood Stereo - The Giving of the Grape (excerpt)

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Uma história social-democrata

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Entrevista: Nuno Loureiro
Revisão: Marc Urselli
Fotografias: People Like Us
Publicação: Chain D.L.K. (12.02.2009)

For almost 20 years now, Vicki Bennett has been working sound and image in the most charming and surrealistic of ways, through the People Like Us (PLU) project. In the end, everything she approaches in her audio-visual collages is the world as seen in a creative and humorous mirror. "Like a parrot".

Chain D.L.K.: First of all, the context. What have you been working on lately?
People Like Us: Currently I'm working on a commission for The Great North Run 2009, making a film using their archives, and I also will be working on a new live set, which will be available for performance at the end of 2009. Last year, I had my first retrospective at alt.gallery, which was a great thing to prepare, plus I have released two CDs – the first was with my colleague Ergo Phizmiz, and an online-only release entitled "Rhapsody In Glue". It was made as a result of our podcast series entitled "Codpaste", available from the Internet's number one freeform radio station, WFMU. I also made a remix of Jean Jacques Perrey.

Chain D.L.K.: One of your last projects was developed based on the archives of British electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram. Was her work an inspiration to you?
People Like Us: Yes, in a non-direct way. I wouldn't say she inspired PLU, but I admire the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in a more passive way and appreciate what they have done for electronic music and British culture.

Chain D.L.K.: This was just one of the archive projects you've worked on. What, in your opinion, is the importance of the archiving process, at all levels? Do you have an interest in art history?
People Like Us: An archive is a library, a concentrated central point that people can refer to in order to enrich and educate themselves in whatever way. Including creatively. I am not particularly knowledgeable about art history, no. Although I am an artist, I don't really relate to the art world, only to other artists. I fit in far more with the world of music.

Chain D.L.K.: When thinking of your work, which would you say are the main conceptual purposes of your approach to popular culture?
People Like Us: I reflect what is around me, like a folk musician, also like a parrot. There is no message, more a mirroring of what I see and hear. But of course the mirror is distorted by my own take on that. I am not criticizing what I cover, I am more paying homage to it, since I only use footage that amuses me in some way.

Chain D.L.K.: Being sound and image the two dimensions of your work, is one developed in function of the other? What's your method, regarding that production?
People Like Us: I find it very difficult to combine music and image – at best it is a bit like walking forward, where one leg is sound and the other is image. They both battle for 100% of the limelight. Unlike your own legs :) So what I let lead the way depends on the context of the work. But it is a constant cause for confusion and bewilderment, trying to make audio-visually combined work.

Chain D.L.K.: Taking into account the projects you've also been producing for radio, do you like to work sound in real time?
People Like Us: Yes, I have done a lot of improvisation on radio, and some in a live context on stage. My favourite live work has always been for radio, because it is just about listening and also in the comfort of your own environment. Also I like the idea of collaborating over a few hours, which you can do on radio. It can take an hour to even start to make something good. Then you can go home and edit that and keep the good stuff!

Chain D.L.K.: You've worked several times with the images of the [Rick] Prelinger archives. When did you discover him, and which aspects had an impact on you at the time?
People Like Us: I discovered Rick I think in 2000. I found the Internet Archive, saw the lovely films that he made available for free download from his collection, and contacted him directly to say "thank you". When I became friends with Rick it was like going into the archive of a friend. He is very interested in people, and full of childlike enthusiasm. He is an amazing and lovely person. It is Rick that makes the context of that archive so appealing. The films are nice too though!

Chain D.L.K.: PLU has always used a certain retro imagery in your films. Do you find present images uninteresting?
People Like Us: No – they just stopped making films around 1980. Simple as that. The context of the present that is in my work is me. I am in the present.

Chain D.L.K.: I presume it's obvious that the visual dimension is increasigly more present in contemporary societies. What's your vision on the political and commercial propaganda we're being served these days?
People Like Us: I tend not to watch a lot of it, so I'm not a good person to comment on it. I prefer to create my own world and try and live life in a folk-art kind of way. I am a commercial artist, and very much need to make a living, but I am not driven by culture. I like to work below the radar and ahead of or parallel to mass culture a lot of the time.

Chain D.L.K.: PLU's releases are available on the Internet for download. What lead you to make that decision? Are you abandoning the "physical" format with your releases?
People Like Us: The best way to reach people that may like you is through internet distribution. If the best way was still through CDs then I would do CDs. Well, I still do CDs, but as a cottage industry, not on mass. I think the Internet is a big trash can, but trash cans can be very useful for recycling.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you think that the music industry as we know it is disappearing?
People Like Us: Yes. Thankfully the music industry has never been very interested in me, so I will not miss it and they don't even know me.

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13.01.2010 - A estrutura óssea de Vicky Bennett

Fotografia: People Like Us

People Like Us - Lowest Common Dominator
People Like Us - T424PLU Part 1
People Like Us - My Son Jim
People Like Us & Matmos - Dolly Pardon
People Like Us - Ursula fährt Ski
People Like Us - Just a Minute
People Like Us - Oh No
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Social Dance Song
People Like Us - Lowest Common Dominator
People Like Us - T424PLU Part 2
People Like Us - A Bastard's Waltz
People Like Us - Shenandoah

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06.01.2010 - Noite de reis

Fernando Lopes Graça - A lua vai tanto alta / Vinde, vinde já ó Deus
Ensemble Tiblisi - Imeruli Alio
Mikhail - Untitled in Cof Minor (live at Stowe Church, with Alamire Consort)
Paul Mauriat e sua Orquestra - Mon Beau Sapin (Tannenbaum)
Current 93 - Ai Christus Christus
Kapotte Muziek - The Normal X-Mas Records Destruction
Wham! - Last Christmas (ghostly slowing mix)
Animal - Last Christmas Pudding
Beequeen - Adestes Fideles
Current 93 - Christ and the Pale Queens
Paul Mauriat e sua Orquestra (branca fantasma)
Ensemble Tiblisi - Kakhuri Alilo
Magic Disney com Royal Philarmonic Orchestra - Heigh-Ho

Podcast brevemente disponível.


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20.01.10: Ideas flow but don't stick


Zaimph - Incantation
Zola Jesus - In Hiding From the Crow
Gary War - Nomaha
Monoton - Soundsequence
Wolf Eyes - Cellar
Yoga - Seventh Mind
Osso Exótico - Fuga Doméstica (exct.)
Kodama - Turning Leaf Migrations (exct.)

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Paranoia in Hi-Fi

Os 30 anos de carreira de Nurse With Wound são assinalados com este disco, que simultaneamente homenageia um dos pilares fundadores da estética do grupo, e proporciona uma amostra misturada do profícuo catálogo de Steven Stapleton e companhia. São 80 minutos de justaposições de fragmentos bem reconhecíveis da discografia de NWW, em formato mix-tape/best-of, atestando a exímia perícia da sociedade Stapleton & Liles na execução de intrincadas colagens sonoras sempre prontas a sofrerem deliciosas mutações.

Paranoia in Hi-Fi custa 99 pence. E quem quiser adquirir o disco terá de o fazer numa loja da especialidade e nunca a partir da Internet; terão que ser as lojas a encomendar o disco e a comercializá-lo. A edição do disco foi inspirada no álbum dos germânicos Faust, The Faust Tapes, que em 1973 foi colocado no mercado pela bagatela de 49 pence como forma de a Virgin Records potenciar a visibilidade comercial do grupo no Reino Unido. Stapleton faz assim jus ao fascínio pelo rock alemão dos anos 70, que, de resto, esteve na génese de grande parte da extensa discografia que recolheu durante esse período, em que percorria avidamente as lojas de discos à procura de obscuridades que constituiriam importante legado no espírito musical obsessivo de NWW.

Ah, por cá o disco custa 3 Euros e tal.
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High Mountain Temple - The Ascended Master Moves On
Dopo - A Train to Insbruck
Starving Weirdos - Everything Glass
One Might Add - We Drum
Alvin Curran & Rova Saxophone Quartet - Cords of Would
Morton Feldman (Three voices for Joan La Barbara) - Legato
Lubomyr Melnyk - The Voice of Trees
Iibiis Rooge - Brainstem Flaming Obex
Broadcast & The Focus Group - Ritual/Looking in
Nurse With Wound - Paranoia in Hi-Fi

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Uma antevisão...

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London after the Rain (Ben Olszyna-Marzys)

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The Knife (Mario Balducci)

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18.12.2009 - O primeiro uivo de Cristo

Current 93 - The Mystical Body of Christ in Chorazaim (The Great in the Small)
Olivier Messiaen - Regard d'Esprit de Joie
Witthuser und Westrupp - Erleuchtung und Berufung
Current 93 - Some Morning When the Moon Was Blood
Current 93 - Great Black Time
Monty Python - Christmas in Heaven
Les Archives Sonores SR (Sub Rosa)

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16.12.2009 - A viagem

Scorces - Dreamers of Decadence (exct.)
Chris Corsano - The Threshing Machine
Volcano the Bear - Straushaund
Current 93 - Smoking Up Souls (exct.)
Wounded Knee - Improvisation II
Brian Morant - Travelodge, Derby: Kristallo Overheard
Oneohtrix Point Never - Learning to Control Myself
James Ferraro - Kava Jar Race + Gecko (Jarvid 9)


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Dance Floor Dale

Ver aqui.

(This video below contains some explicit cartoon scenes, flashing lights and is FOR OVER 18's ONLY)

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Radar X

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09.12.2009 - Above the Radar

Oneohtrix Point Never - Physical Memory
Pascal Comelade & Richard Pinhas - Here Come the Warm Jets (Oblique Sessions II)
Der Zwiebelfisch - S/T
Mia Clarke & Andy Moor - Guitargument Part 1
(tema fantasma) Brian Morant - Travelodge, Derby: Kristallo Overheard
Tropa Macaca - Fazer Chuva
Ergo Phizmiz - Construction of the Automaton
Keyboard Choir - Tokyo At Night
High Mountain Tempel - The Motherhouse
Angkorwat - Big/Little Edie

Ouvir aqui.

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Nurse With Wound - PFL (Deambulation Mix)
Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra - Cosmic Chaos
Ron Geesin - Syncopot
Peeesseye - Ballad of Fine Decay
Robedoor - Torpor As Lord
Lightning Bolt - Rain on the Lake I'm Swimming In
Food - Freebonky
Astral Social Club - Aggrovolt
Shinning - Stalemate Longan Runner
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25.11.2009 - The Influenza Session

Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Pattern2
Low Res - !Baila Mami! (Parts 1&2)
Bisk - Gifts from a Strange Person
Deadbeat - Time is Passing Slowly
Pole - Klettern
AGF - Code in the Noodle Soup
Jan Jelinek - Do Dekor
David Shea/Scanner - Theme from Love of Light

Para ouvir.

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Sugestão: Moritz Von Oswald Trio

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18.11.2009 - (a)Live in Coimbra

Stellar Om Source - Copper Dream
Stellar Om Source - Oasis
Marc McGuire - Let Us Be The Way We Were
Inca Ore - Boogie Wiggles
Inca Ore - The Birds in the Bushes
Ninjas! - Elefante
Steve Hauschlidt - Runaway
Stellar Om Source - The Sky Pilot

Para ouvir.

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Sugestão: Inca Ore

Inca Ore (Dublin - 11.2008)

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Sem Fantasma

Amanhã, 11.11.09, não se realizará a emissão de Fantasma devido à transmissão do relato do jogo de futebol relativo à Taça da Liga (Carlsberg Cup), entre a Académica e o Portimonense. Recorde-se que os oponentes encontram-se apenas separados por uma posição na tabela classificativa, ocupando, respectivamente, o último posto da Liga Sagres e o primeiro lugar da Liga Vitalis.
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Sugestão: Stellar OM Source

Stellar OM Source @ The Bakery (Burlington VT - 18.03.2009)

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Nuba Harvest Celebration

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04.11.2009 - África (re)descoberta

Stefan Danielsson, "Slow Pain", 2004-2006

Colin Turnbull, Jean-Pierre Haller & Louis Sarno (Echoes of the Forest) - Men's Elephant - Hunting Song
Lucien Mobutu - A State of Blood
Jonathan Azende - Long Pig
Whitehouse - Dumping More Fucking Rubbish
DJ Cut Hands - Afro Noise I
Hector Zazou - The Chase
Hector Zazou - By the Sea
Steve Reich - Drumming

Ouvir aqui.
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Tim Hecker Chimeras

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28.10.2009 - Texturas

Fenn'O'Berg - Floating my boat
Scanner - Planeta
Mikhail - Untitled in Cof Minor (Conall Gleeson mix)
Mobile Interactive Computer Ensemble - Anemoi
Tim Hecker - Azure Azure
Kawabata Makoto - Shin
Manuel Gião - Fade Prool Fine Limes
White/Lichens - Belial
(tema fantasma) The Caretaker - Von Restorff Effect

Ouvir aqui.

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21.10.2009 – Serenata para Aleister Crowley

Matmos - Rag for William S. Burroughs
Muslimgauze - Y.A.
Lukas Ligeti - Entering: Perceiving Masks; Exiting: Perceiving Faces
Peter Christopherson - All Possible Numbers
Stellar Om Source - The Oracle
Tim Hecker - Enima
Current 93 - Crowleymass Unveiled

Ouvir aqui.

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Fantasma 2.0

O Fantasma surge nesta nova grelha da RUC com um novo horário: às quartas-feiras, das 21h00 às 22h00.

No ano em que cumpre o seu quarto aniversário, reinventa-se conceptualmente e adopta um formato mais livre, materializando a tendência seguida nas emissões dos últimos meses. Esta nova aparição pressupõe um também diferente espectro identitário e sonoro, decorrente do novo elemento que passa a integrar a equipa. Desse modo, a realização do programa não obedecerá a critérios rígidos, podendo assumir formatos individuais ou resultados de sinergias do momento.

Da apresentação formalmente metódica à espontaneidade experimental, um pouco de tudo poderão aguardar os ouvintes assombrados por este Fantasma.

Álvaro Mendes e Nuno Loureiro
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11 de Agosto


Psychiv TV - Those Who Do Not (Live in Reykjavik, 1984)

Tropa Macaca - Tronco Nu (Marfim, 2007)

My Cat is an Alien - Listen Before Black Falls, lado b (Listen Before Black Falls, 2005) + Philip Corner - Belum (exct.) (Three Pieces for Gamelan Ensemble, 1999)

Damian Stewart - Forever Soup (Dirt Beneath the Daydream, 2009)

The Skaters - s/t (exct.) (Raising Spheres of Crossing Angels Minds, 2006)

Sikiöt -Side One (Psychedelic Phinland - Finnish Hippie & Underground 1968-1973, 2006)

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Radio Buddha

Emissão de 20 de Maio resgatada aos arquivos. Trata-se de um programa dedicado a experimentar a Buddha Machine 2.0, recorrendo também a alguns temas de diversos artistas (Jukebox Buddha - Staubgold, 2006) que buscaram inspiração, e samples, no referido aparelho - embora, neste caso, tendo por base a versão anterior, a primeira.

Ouvir aqui.
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4 de Agosto


Keijo - Once again around (Aasynja, 2009)

Ninjas - Nightdrive (Falcão da Noite, 2009)

The Inner Space - Es Zieht Herauf (Agilok & Blubbo, 1968/2009)

Lucky Dragons - Desert Rose (Dream Island Laughing Language, 2008)

Philip Jeck - Fanfares (2008)

Teeth of the Sea - Sentimental Journey (Orphaned by the Ocean, 2009)

Faust - C'est com com compliqué (C'est com com compliqué, 2009)

Black Jocker -part 1 (exct.) (Watch Out!, 2009)

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28 de Julho


Thai Elephant Orchestra - The birth of Ganesha & Ganesha triumphant & A head is found(Elephonic Rapsodies, 2005)

Master Musicians of Bukakke - Bardo chikkhai & A mist of illnesses (Totem One, 2009)

Pocahaunted - Follow +/- (island Diamonds, 2008)

Pierre Henry - Apprés la mort II (Le Voyage, 1962)

Elliane Radigue - a+b+c (Σ = a = b = a + b, 1969/2000)

Gala Drop - Ubongo (Gala Drop, 2008)

Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra - Movement The third(Lucifer Rising, 1968)

Dolphins Into the Future - Memory of self (On Sea Faring Isolation, 2009)

Ouvir aqui

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21 de Julho


Sun Araw - Heavy Deeds (Heavy Deeds, 2009)
Ondness - Aqua Vem (Ondness, 2009)
Orphan Fairytale - V (Sea Horse Soup, 2009)
Edward Flex Presents - Underwater Muscle (Do You Believe In Hawaii, 2009)
Ducktails - Friends (Ducktails, 2009)
Spectrum - Razzle Dazzle Mind (War Sucks EP, 2009)
Harmonia - Watussi (Muzik Von Harmonia, 1974)
Ashra - Deep Distance (New Age of Earth, 1977)
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14 de Julho

Frango - Your fortune is changing (Families for Space Tunnels, 2008)
Emeralds - Alive in the Sea of Information (What Happened, 2009)
Markovo & Philippe Petit - (Reciprocess: +/VS:, 2009)
Kumo & Philippe Petit - (Reciprocess: +/VS:, 2009)
Maryanne Amacher - Synaptic Island (Sound Character, the 3rd ear, 1999)
Merzbow - I (Minazo vol. 1, 2006)
Belbury Poly - From an Ancient Star (Ritual & Education, 2009)

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A 1 de Julho, negras invocações percorreram o éter:

Zero Kama - Inauguration of the Pleasure Doom (The Secret Eye of the LAYLAH, 1984)
Nord - Over Mit Lig (Galgenfrist, 2008)
Current 93 - Invocation of the Almost (Aleph at the Hallucinatory Mountain, 2009)
Gnaw - This Face (This Face, 2009) Aethenor - I (Faking Gold and Murder, 2009)
Sunn O))) - Alice (Monolyths and Dimensions, 2009)

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24 de Junho

Em noite de São João, a emissão do Fantasma dedicou-se aos field recordings iniciando a aparição com o francês Luc Ferrari (Musique Promenade b - Presque Rien, 1980), que acrescenta à edição de estúdio valsas vienenses, fogo de artifício e marchas populares portuguesas captadas atentamente pelo seu microfone. Depois, viagem em três partes até à sonoplastia de Lee Patterson: primeiro, a oxigenação de plantas aquáticas (Dam Head Lodge, Prestwich, Julho de 2005); depois, em Two Peanuts Burn, o processo de aquecimento de amendoins [que não consta do novo trabalho do músico, Seven Vignettes (Shadazz)]; e, por fim, a gravação de uma turbina eólica captada numa quinta em Caithness, Escócia, aquando do envolvimento de Patterson no filme de Luke Fowlers, Bogman Palmjaguar.
O apelo da terra persistiu, embora de contornos mais primordiais: revisitámos o projecto As paredes têm ouvidos, de Aaron Ximm (ou Quiet American), um conjunto de captações sonoras que retratam a residência artística em contexto rural do músico na Associação Cultural Binaural, em Nodar (São Pedro do Sul). O japonês Aki Onda reintroduziu a apurada edição de estúdio com Eclipse (Cassete Memories, vol. 1, Ancient & Modern), para finalizarmos de novo em território nacional com o cunho popular das recolhas de Michel Giacometti e Fernando Lopes-Graça em Bailes Populares (The Puppets of Santo Aleixo).

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E a 10 de Junho:


Hildur Gudnadottir - Into Warmer Air (Without Sinking, 2009)
Paul Flaherty, Greg Kelley & Chris Corsano - Secret Stair (Sannyasi, 2001)
Faust - C'est com com compliqué (C'est com com compliqué, 2009)
Psychic Ills - I Take you as my wife again (Mirror Eye, 2009)
Sunroof! - split c/Mouthus & Double Leopards (Crippled Rosebud Binding, 2006)
Oren Ambarchi - Vogler (Persona, 2000)
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...of fantasies intoxication concepts

Playlist de 15 de Abril:

Max Eastley & David Toop - "Fe-Tshun-Ti-Fe (Burial Rites)" (A Gnomean Haigonaimean - A Compilation of Fantasies Intoxication Concepts, 1991)
Pocahaunted - "Emerald Snake on Ruby Velvet" (CDr, 2007)
Brume - "Ormuzd" (A Gnomean Haigonaimean - A Compilation of Fantasies Intoxication Concepts, 1991)
Nurse With Wound - "Thrill of Romance..." (Bango Partridge Mix) (The Bacteria Magnet, 2008)
Psychic TV/PTV3 - "The Alien Brain" (Mr. Alien Brain vs. The Skinwalkers, 2008)
Vox Populi! - "Apapa Lagos" (A Gnomean Haigonaimean - A Compilation of Fantasies Intoxication Concepts, 1991)
My Cat Is An Alien - "Different Shades os Blue" (Different Shades of Blue, 2004)
The Promise (Thurston Moore, Evan Parker, Walter Prati) - "Our Future" (The Promise, 1999)

Ouvir aqui
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8 de Abril

Depois de a 1 de Abril ter sido recuperada uma aparição anterior, neste programa escutou-se:

Kemialliset Ystävät - Merkkejä Trolla (Kemialliset Ystävät, 2007)
Kemialliset Ystävät - Himmel Imenetelma (Kemialliset Ystävät, 2007)
Six Organs of Admittance - Invitation To The SR For Supper (Six Organs of Admittance, 1998)
Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Spell It Out (The Trickle Down Theory Of God Knows What, 2004)
Smegma - 1980 A.R. (Glamour Girl, 1979)
Vidya - Lado A (exct.) - (Vidya, Potlatch, 1991)
Teeth Of The Sea - Only Fools On Horse (Orphaned By The Ocean, 2009)
Frango - Amigo Da Asa Branca (exct.) (Nada Miles, 2008)
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25 de Março

O alinhamento do programa foi assim:

Whirling Hall of Knives - 2-Bar Heater And Smoke (Electric Lava, 2009)
Bruce Russell - The Role of Minority Tendencies in the Ebbing Period (Dirt Beneath the Daydream, A Collection of Sound From Aotearoa/New Zeland, 2009)
Them Use Them - Able (The Wire Tapper 21)
Adam Willetts - Bad Milk (Dirt Beneath the Daydream, A Collection of Sound From Aotearoa/Nwe Zeland, 2009)
Idea Fire Company - The Heroic Chiseling Phase I, II (Hexagon - Big Mag #2, 2007)
Nuno Canavarro - Wask (Plux Quba, 1988)
Kawabata Makoto - I'm In Your Inner Most Part.2 (exct.) (I'm In Your Inner Most, 2001)
Raymond Scott - Toy Typewritter (Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume II 6 to 12 months, 1964, 1999)
Terry Riley- In The Summer (Les Yeux Fermés & Lifespan, 2007)
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Após duas reapariações de programas antigos e uma emissão assambarcada pela Assembleia Magna da Universidade de Coimbra, Fantasma regressou a 18 de Março para apresentar colagens feitas de nostalgia electrónica, transmissões de rádio, anúncios de filmes informativos e retrofuturismo. Escutam-se nomes como Belbury Poly, The Focus Group, The Advisory Circle, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Delia Derbyshire, John Baker, David Cain, People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz e Felix Kubin.

Ouvir aqui.
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Programa em que brilhou o disco de Coil "ANS" (Threshold House, 2003).

"In addition to some suitably odd printed art cards and scrying mirrors, every live box set also includes a black plastic clamshell containing this, a tour-only CD available at some of Coil's most recent shows. ANS contains three long tracks of about 20 minutes each, consisting solely of tones made with the Russian ANS synthesizer. Invented by Eugeny Murzin in 1938, only one ANS synthesizer has ever actually been built, and it sits neglected and obscure, collecting dust in the basement of Moscow State University since 1958. Coil were given access to experiment and record with the strange machine, and their experiments are chronicled on this disc. ANS is a "photoelectric" instrument that produces music via a completely unique process. The user must inscribe a series of line drawings that represent visible sound waves onto a series of glass discs. The shape, location and nature of the drawings determines the sound that the synthesizer produces, which encompasses the entire range of audible sound, 720 pure tones. Unfortunately, the fascinating history and musical theory behind the ANS instrument is ultimately far more interesting than the music Coil has managed to make with it. While there are many dramatic points of convergence buried within these abstract, long-form compositions, the overall effect is of dilettantes noodling around with an unfamiliar piece of equipment that reportedly takes years to properly master. Though there are some parts of ANS that are reminiscent of Time Machines, none of these pieces has the trance-inducing intensity of that album's minimalist drones. " Retirado de Brainwashed

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Spirits of Life vs. Drums of Death

O programa de 11 de Fevereiro trouxe o diálogo cântico-percussivo entre os discos Spirits of Life, Haitian Vodou (Soul Jazz Records, 2005) e Drums of Death, Field Recordings in Ghana (Avant, 1998).

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4 de Fevereiro

Nesta noite deu-se a ouvir o seguinte:

Emeralds - Magic (Solar Bridge, 2008)
Omit - Dropper (Dirth Beneath the Daydream, A Collection of Sound from Aotearoa/New Zeland - The Audio Foundation/The Wire, 2009)
Sonic Youth - Spoon (Can Mix) (Sacrilege, 1997)
Our Sleepless Forest - Nomads (Our Sleepless Forest, 2008)
Earth - Pavement (Phase 3: Thrones and Dominos, 1997)
Current 93 - Panzer Rune (Swatikas for Goddy, 1987)
Experimental Audio Research - Beyond the Pale (Beyond the Pale, 1996)
Skullflower - Starry Wisdom (Orange Canyon Mind, 2005)

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28 de Janeiro

Programa de recurso ao que havia no bolso por infortúnio digital, explorando os seguintes discos:
Conrad Schnitzler -Trigger One, Solo Rhythmics - Trigger Trilogy, 2006; Intersystems - Peachy, 1967; 1995; Asmus Tiechens - Y Menge; e também a The Wire Audio Issue 20 Years 1982-2002 [Hands To - Egress (excpt.); David Toop & Max Eastley - Buried Dreams; Pauline Oliveros - I (excpt.)].

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21 de Janeiro

O programa de 21 de Janeiro:

Anima Sound- Show Mää Show (Stürmischer Himmel, 1971)
Current 93/Christoph Heeman - Lazy Moon part I & II (Introduction to Suffering, 1999)
Jason Kahn - Cymbal and Radio (Atlantic Waves Festival Sampler, 2007 )
@C - 70 (Atlantic Waves Festival Sampler, 2007)
Vitor Joaquim - Fall (Atlantic Waves Festival Sampler, 2007)
Anima Sound - Way On Way Up (Stürmischel Himmel, 1971)
Ran Slavin - Kiosk in Furadis (The Wayward Regional Transmissions, 2007)
Friendsound - Childsong (Joyride, 1969)
The Beautiful Schizophonic - Awake Eternal (Atlantic Waves Festival Sampler, 2007)
André Gonçalves - I'll Be sleeping (Atlantic Waves Festival Sampler, 2007)

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14 de Janeiro

O programa de 14 de Janeiro foi assim preenchido:

Benge - 1968 Moog Modular (Twenty Systems, 2008)
Machinefabriek - Engineer (Dauw, 2008)
Coh - Near You (Coh Plays Cosey, 2008)
SoiSong - Soijin No Hai (SoiSong, 2008)
Pocahaunted - Ashes is White (Island Diamonds, 2008)
Coil - Careful What You Wish For (New Backwards, 2008)
Philip Jeck - Unveiled (Sand, 2008)
The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition of Phrases (Persistent Repetition of Phrases, 2008)
The Advisory Circle - Keep Warm, Keep Well (Other Channels, 2008)

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Nova morada

Fantasma teletransportou-se de fantasma-ruc.blogspot.com para uma nova dimensão: fantasmaruc.blogspot.com

(foto de Gisela Francisco)
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Aparições imateriais e transitórias em registo sonoro. à claridade ou em locais recônditos, Fantasma desliza durante uma hora encarnando identidades difusas por entre paisagens sonoras espectrais de matriz electrónica e experimental.

Quartas-feiras, entre as 23h e as 24h na Rádio Universidade de Coimbra.